EasyPost - Insurance

This feature requires additional licensing. Please contact AcctVantage Sales for a quote.

Adding insurance coverage to your EasyPost shipments is very straightforward.

  1. Select either EasyPost or Carrier to purchase the insurance from
  2. Enter the Insurance Value

If insurance is purchased through EasyPost, you will see the Insurance Charge value called out specifically as in the image below.  If you purchase insurance through the carrier, the insurance charge is added to the Freight Charge value; you will not see the insurance called out separately.

Insurance rates are controlled by EasyPost and your carrier; AcctVantage/Beckware receives no compensation for insurance or freight charges and has no control over or interaction with these rates and policies.

By default, Insurance is not included when processing a Shipment.  The user must add an Insurance Value and select the Insured By to include the service.  However, this process is "scriptable".  If you wish to incorporate standard practices based on shipment value, carrier, client or any other logic we can likely accommodate the request via scripting.