EasyPost - 3rd Party or Receiver Billing

This feature requires additional licensing. Please contact AcctVantage Sales for a quote.

In this article we'll discuss billing a 3rd party or the Receiver (usually your customer) when sending a shipment via EasyPost.  Note that your carrier, and your account with the carrier, must support 3rd Party/Receiver billing.

Customer Default Settings

On the Account info tab of the Sales > Sales Master screen you will find fields to save default shipping account information for the client.

  • Ship Via - the default shipping method.  This method will be assigned to new Sales Orders by default.  It can be overridden at any time.
  • Courier Acct. ID - This field is the Client's account number (UPS, FedEx, etc.) that will be billed when shipping via 3rd Party or Receiver billing.

AcctVantage does not verify the Courier Acct. ID until a shipment is processed.  It is up to you to ensure that the Courier Acct. ID and the Ship Via carrier match.  In other words, enter a UPS account number if the default Ship Via is also UPS.

  • Bill Receiver / Bill 3rd Party - if the Courier Acct. ID belongs to the Client, then you will select "Bill Receiver".  If the courier account is from a 3rd party, select Bill Third Party.
  • Courier Account Country & Zip - Most carriers require the Country and Zip/Postal Code associated with the Courier Acct. ID to be passed when processing a shipment.

Establishing these default values will speed data entry when processing a shipment. Any default may be overridden during the shipping process.

Sales Order Setup

The default settings from the Client/Sales Master record will be passed to the Bill To/Ship To tab of Sales Orders created for the client.  These values can be overridden at any time for any new shipments added to the Order.

Process a Third Party or Receiver Billing Shipment

The values from the Sales Order will be passed to the Shipment Details tab of the Shipment record when a new Shipment is created.  Again, these can be overridden as needed.  

Learn more about processing a Shipment

When each of these fields is populated, the EasyPost system will take care of billing the appropriate (3rd or Receiver) party.

If your AcctVantage system is set to include EasyPost charges on the invoice, that process will be skipped; your client will not be invoiced for shipping charges by you.