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  • Updated on: Jun 22, 2021

    Error when starting Windows AV Client

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This version of AcctVantage is based on 4D v15. If you are currently running AV 2015 or a previous version (based on 4D v13 or earlier) you will need to obtain licenses for 4D v15 prior to beginning the process to update to this version.

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    October 11, 2016:  AcctVantage 2017 is now available!  Contact AV Support to schedule your upgrade today!


  • Updated on: Jun 16, 2021

    Download & Install AcctVantage ERP 2021

    If you are currently using AcctVantage 2015 or older, you need to contact AV Support before installing AV 2017.

    There is no need for a new key file if you are already running AV 2017.0.x.x.  If you are upgrading from an older release, please contact Support to obtain your license key.


    ****AV 2017.0.0.3  December 19, 2016....If you are upgrading from a previous AV 2017 Version, you MUST also download and install the current AV 2017 Client on each user's computer****  It is unusual to require an AV Client side upgrade in the same series, but is necessary this time.



    Click this link to download the current AcctVantage 2017.

    Note that there are 4 installers -- AV Server Mac & Windows and AV Client Mac &

    Installation Instructions

    AcctVantage ERP Client Install Instructions (Mac OS)

    AcctVantage ERP Server Install Instructions (Mac OS)

    AcctVantage ERP Server Install Instructions (Windows)

  • Updated on: Jun 09, 2021

    Standard Custom Forms

    In this article you'll find a printed example for some of the common standard custom forms. Along with examples are links to download the installer for each custom form.

    Note before beginning: If there is an existing form in your system with the same title as the form you are loading, the system will overwrite the old form with the new one. The name of the AVF file you download IS NOT the same as the name of the form. To be certain that you don't delete a form accidentally, it's always a best practice to perform a database backup prior to installing any forms or reports.

    To install a custom form:

    1. Download the installer to your desktop (all custom form installers end with the extension AVF).
    2. Go to Administration ➤ Custom Forms.
    3. Open the Action Menu and choose Import Custom Form.
    4. Point to the installer that you downloaded in Step #1 and the form will be loaded.
  • Updated on: Jun 04, 2021

    Inventory Shortages - Setup

    A. The first step in setting up the Auto PO is to enable some System Configuration settings that will determine how you want to calculate reorder quantities. There are three methods to do this:

    1. Reorder Quantity: You can indicate a fixed quantity, per Product, that will be reordered when the Product qualifies for Auto PO.
    2. Max Qty less Qty On Hand: AV will calculate the quantity to order based on the Maximum Stock quantity indicated when the Product qualifies for Auto PO.
    3. Use a script: If you have a unique way of calculating your reorder quantities, you can have AcctVantage Professional Services write a script to integrate your logic.

    B. The second step is to enable the Products that you want to be available for this feature.

    C. The last section of this lesson details how the Auto PO feature determines if an Inventory Purchase is necessary.


    Manual Purchasing
  • Updated on: Jun 04, 2021

    MRP - Overview

  • Updated on: Jun 04, 2021

    MRP Import / Export and Report (legacy)

    The MRP system is a powerful tool for inventory planners, production schedulers and forecasting.  This article describes how to load a script that will produce an export file containing all of the MRP Action Items (Order, Defer, etc.) for a given warehouse.

    While originally intended to drive the Auto-Purchase Order function in AcctVantage, the tool can be used effectively to plan production of Product Assembly items.

    The same script can be used for importing a change to the suggested Action.

    For a thorough review of the MRP system, please refer to the MRP Review article.

  • Updated on: Jun 04, 2021

    MRP - Forecasts

    The Forecast window is used to enter potential future sales for a Product. The Forecast feature can be used in conjunction with the MRP feature to generate Purchase Orders based on MRP Action Items.

  • Updated on: May 27, 2021

    MRP - Mark or Clear Pending Status