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  • Updated on: Jul 18, 2018

    Products - Client Price Breaks

    Important: Please execute a database backup prior to starting any import process!

    Notes about special fields:

    • Part Number: This field is required.
    • Price Break Level (aka Price Break Type): This field is required.
  • Updated on: Jul 18, 2018

    Products - Alias

    Important: Please execute a database backup prior to starting any import process!

    Notes about special fields:

    • Alias: This field is required.
    • Part Number: This field is required.
  • Updated on: Jul 13, 2018

    Create a Check Register-only Entry

    • This is a feature that we recommend you to use sparingly.
    • Its usefulness is most often accompanied by some error that results in a Check or Deposit being posted incorrectly to the Check Register.
    • This type of entry will not affect the General Ledger. It can best be described as writing something in your checkbook without taking it to the bank.
  • Updated on: Jul 10, 2018

    Data Backup Preferences

    It is very important to make sure that your Data File is backed up regularly. This lesson details how to set the Preferences for your data backups. If you want restore from a backup see the lesson Restore From a Backup File.

    Here are some strategies for ensuring that a backup file is available in the event that one is needed:

    1. Scheduled backup (This is the primary topic of the lesson below): We recommend scheduling a backup to occur at least once a day. Typically the best time to do this is overnight (or some other time when everyone is out of the system).
    2. Backup before posting transactions: This is a good way to make sure that you always have a current backup available. There is a check box available on the Post Transactions screen that you can mark to run a backup when posting. However, if you often post individual records using the Action Menu, then additional backup strategies become even more critical.
    3. Backup before importing data: Backup before any import of data is attempted in Acctvantage. This includes GL imports, Physical Inventory imports and XML imports.
    4. Implement company-wide backup procedures: Most companies have standard backup procedures in place for their computer systems. We do not intend for any of the above procedures to replace any company-wide procedures. We highly recommend implementing and/or continuing any procedures for routinely backing up all company data.


    • The built in AcctVantage ERP backup scheduler will backup your AV data file to the designated location.
    • It does not backup any other files on the hardware and should not take the place of a general system wide backup.
    • Your staff or 3rd party IT support should have backup plans in place in case of a hardware or other failure.
  • Updated on: Jul 04, 2018

    Inventory & Marketing tab

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This version of AcctVantage is based on 4D v15. If you are currently running AV 2015 or a previous version (based on 4D v13 or earlier) you will need to obtain licenses for 4D v15 prior to beginning the process to update to this version.

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    October 11, 2016:  AcctVantage 2017 is now available!  Contact AV Support to schedule your upgrade today!


  • Updated on: Jun 23, 2018

    Download & Install AcctVantage ERP 2018

    If you are currently using AcctVantage 2015 or older, you need to contact AV Support before installing AV 2017.

    There is no need for a new key file if you are already running AV 2017.0.x.x.  If you are upgrading from an older release, please contact Support to obtain your license key.


    ****AV 2017.0.0.3  December 19, 2016....If you are upgrading from a previous AV 2017 Version, you MUST also download and install the current AV 2017 Client on each user's computer****  It is unusual to require an AV Client side upgrade in the same series, but is necessary this time.



    Click this link to download the current AcctVantage 2017.

    Note that there are 4 installers -- AV Server Mac & Windows and AV Client Mac &

    Installation Instructions

    AcctVantage ERP Client Install Instructions (Mac OS)

    AcctVantage ERP Server Install Instructions (Mac OS)

    AcctVantage ERP Server Install Instructions (Windows)

  • Updated on: May 17, 2018

    NACHA File Export

  • Sometimes you might need to cut a check for office supplies (or for that employee appreciation pizza party next Friday! Right?!). Or maybe you need to print an AP Check but you don't want (or need) to go through the typical AP Check printing process. If this is the case, then a Quick Check will be your best bet.


    *NEW fields for AV 2015* ➤ scroll down to Step #3.2 for more detail

    For AV 2015 there is a new Foreign Currency feature that can be used for Purchasing & AP. If you plan on using this feature to print FC checks then you will need to download and install the Foreign Currency custom form for checks.

    1. Download the AP Check form with support for Foreign Currency here.
    2. Open up the folder where your AV Client application is.
      • Mac: Applications/AcctVantage Client/INSTALL
      • Windows: C:\AcctVantage Client\INSTALL (or C:\Program Files\AcctVantage Client\INSTALL)
    3. Within the AcctVantage Client folder you will see a folder titled INSTALL. Drop the custom form installer into the INSTALL folder and restart your AV Client app -- the form will be automatically loaded. The form is named AP Check v6.
    4. Select this new custom form to use when printing Quick Checks. See Step #4 below.
      • Note: This is just a standard custom form. It will not automatically be in alignment with your check stock. It is likely that it will require some minor formatting changes in order to line up. Submit a tech support request if you have further questions about this.