EasyPost - Return Labels

In order to print a return label, the system assumes you have already printed a regular shipping label. Return labels are not functionally different than the original shipping label but the process in generating the label is slightly different.

1. Choose the shipment to print a return label for

Open an existing Sales Order and go to the Shipping tab. Double-click to open the shipment that you want to print a return label for.

Alternatively, go to the Shipments screen (from either Sales or Warehouse Management modules) and open the shipment that needs to be returned via the list view.

Sales Order - Shipping tab (existing shipment)

2. Go to the Return Labels area

Here you will see the results of the original shipment. To continue, click on the Return Labels tab.

Original shipment

3. Choose the parcel to process the return label for

As you may know by now, each Shipment can contain multiple Parcels. Highlight the parcel that you want to print a return label for and then click Get Return Rates.

Return Labels - select Parcel to return

4. Choose the service to print the label for

The Rates section should look familiar -- it's exactly the same as the same section on the original shipment. Select the Carrier / Service that you want to print the label for and then click Buy Return Label.

In the examples above and below, we've purchased a UPS - Ground label and we're printing a return label from the same service. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED. You can mix & match the carrier/service. The return label does not need to match the same carrier or service as the original shipment.

Return Labels - select service, buy return label

5. Return label has been printed

After you print the return label, you will see the tracking number and the label URL populated. You can click either of these for more information on the shipment.

Return Labels - label purchased, tracking number generated

Original shipping label vs. return label

As you can see below, the return label looks almost identical to the original label. The box weight and dimensions are retained. The only real differences are the addresses are reversed and there is a "RETURN SERVICE" note in the footer (and, of course, there is also a new tracking number).

original label vs. return label