EasyPost - PrintNode Setup for USB Scales

New in AcctVantage 2017.0.3.0, August 2017

AcctVantage offers an integration with PrintNode to accomodate remote access (across the web, the warehouse or right from your desktop) to USB connected scales.  We have found the PrintNode API to be very fast and stable; it's a great option for those using USB scales in their shipping processes.

AcctVantage leverages the PrintNode API only for their USB scale support.  PrintNode makes their money from cloud based printing services.  As such, there is no charge from PrintNode (as of August 2017) solely for implementing the scale integration.

This article covers the setup of your PrintNode account and links with AcctVantage.  For help with selecting your USB during shipping, please review EasyPost Process a Shipment.

Setup an Account with PrintNode

Establish an account for your company.


Generate a PrintNode API Key

While logged in to the PrintNode account on-line, click on the API tab.

  • Select Make New API Key
  • Enter a Description (e.g. MyCompany_AVServer)
  • Leave Permissions as "1"
  • Make Note of the API Version 3 URL
  • Make Note of the Username
  • Save

Add API Key to AcctVantage

  • In AcctVantage go to Administration > System Setup and select the Shipping tab.
  • Enter the PrintNode API URL noted above.
  • Enter your API License Key noted above.
  • Click the Test Connection.

Add Shipping Stations to the PrintNode Account

For each shipping station, or any computer from which you want to read a connected USB scale, download and install the PrintNode Client application.


Log in to the PrintNode client with the credentials (user name/password) established when setting up the account.

The PrintNode Client application must be running for the Shipping service to work.  We strongly recommend setting PrintNode Client as a Login Item on Macintosh or add to the User Startup Folder on Windows.

  • Once you've logged in to the PrintNode Client at each shipping station, go back to your PrintNode account on-line.
  • Click on the Computers tab.
  • Make note of each Shipping Station's ID.

This completes the setup of the PrintNode API for USB scales.  Please review the EasyPost - USB Scale Select for instructions on processing a shipment with your USB scale.