EasyPost - Predefined Packages

This feature requires additional licensing. Please contact AcctVantage Sales for a quote.

When you integrate Easypost with AcctVantage, you'll find that AV has loaded some of the common predefined packages for the carriers: UPS, FedEx and USPS. These predefined packages can simplify the shipping process, although you're not required to use them.

If you have different needs for package sizes for the above carriers, or you want to load some predefined packages for a different carrier, or you want to create your own package sizes, you can create them in System Setup.

Predefined Packages in System Setup

To see a list of packages, go to Administration > System Setup > Shipping and click on the Predefined Packages button.

System Setup - Shipping

Predefined Packages list

Here you will see all of the standard packages that AcctVantage has added from Easypost.

The length, width and height are blank. Easypost uses a variable (see next screenshot) to identify the dimensions of the package since they are all standard sizes for each carrier. This list does not include all package sizes for the three main carriers; only the more commonly used sizes.

To see all of the standard packages that Easypost can use, click HERE.

Predefined Packages - All Carriers

To define your own packages ...

Cilck the + symbol in the screen above and then you'll be presented with the Edit Package dialog (below).

  • Display: When this box is checked, the system will display the package in the drop-down list on the Shipments screen.
  • Default: When this box is checked, the system will automatically select the package on the Shipments screen.
  • Carrier: The carrier that the package is associated with.
  • Package: This is the name for the package and is how it will be displayed in the drop-down list on the Shipments screen.
  • Easypost Defined Name: This is Easypost's name for the package.
    • AV has pre-loaded only a portion of the available carriers and packages that Easypost offers.
    • If you want to add more package options from UPS, FedEx or USPS ... or if you need to add any package options from any other carrier, you'll need to use this name and leave the dimension fields blank.
  • Length, Width, Height: These are the dimensions of the package. Leave these fields blank if you are using the EasyPost Defined Name field.

Notice how the dimensions are blank? That is due to the fact that we're using one of Easypost's predefined package names. Easypost already knows the dimensions and will pass the appropriate info to the carrier. You can find a list of all of Easypost's supported carriers and packages by clicking THIS LINK.

If you are manually defining your own packages, you'll need to fill in the dimensions and leave the EasyPost Defined Name blank.

Edit Package

Select a Predefined Package on a Shipment

To select any of the above packages in the Shipments screen, choose the carrier and package from the Predefined Packages drop-down menu.

  • The dimensions will be blank if you're using one of EasyPost's packages.
  • The dimensions will be need to be entered if you're using one of your own packages. The dimensions will be auto-filled if you entered them when you set up the package in the previous step.
  • Weight will need to be entered regardless of the type of package.
Sales Order - Shipments