EasyPost - Batch Shipment Setup

The Batch Shipping process is perfect when filling a large number of orders for the same product.

For example, AcctVantage ERP users that offer recurring sales or monthly ‘box clubs’ need to send out a large quantity of the same product in a short amount of time. Often this means repeatedly pulling a unit off the shelf, applying a shipping label and passing off to the carrier. The standard process of creating a pick ticket, generating a shipping label and updating the Order as shipped for each individual order is too time consuming for this scenario.

With batch shipping, the user can select any number of Sales Orders (all containing a single inventory line item), generate shipping labels and update the Orders’ status for the entire set at one time.


Before you can process batch shipments, there are two setup items to complete:

  1. Enter Carrier Account IDs in System Setup.
  2. Setup your Products to be batch-shippable.

When the setup is complete, proceed to the instructions for Batch Shipment Processing.

1. Carrier Account Setup

1.1. Get Carrier Account info from Easypost

Log in to your Easypost account, click on your username and select Carrier Accounts.

Easypost - main page

1.2. Carrier Account ID's

Now you're looking at a list of all of the Carrier Accounts you have linked with Easypost. You will need the Account ID for each carrier that you want to use when processing batch shipments.

You can either make a note of each Carrier Account ID or you can just copy & paste them into System Setup. See the next screenshot.

Easypost - Carrier Accounts

1.3. AcctVantage System Setup

  1. Navigate to Administration > System Setup > Shipping.
  2. Double-click on your Easypost account.
  3. Under EasyPost Carrier Account IDs, click the + symbol to enter the ID's that you found above. Both the Carrier and Carrier Account ID are required.
  4. Click OK here when you're finished entering carrier accounts and then click OK again to save System Setup.
AcctVantage  - System Setup - Easypost Setup

2. Product Setup

For Products that you want to enable to use in Batch Shipments, open the Product and go to the Other Info tab. Under the Dimensions section, enter the following info:

  • Self-Ship Box: Check this box for Products that ship within their own box. If the item requires additional packaging materials, do not check this box.
    • Self-ship boxes do not need to be packaged inside another box. Self-ship products are able to be shipped in the OEM box.
    • When this box is checked on the Product, a corresponding box will be checked on the Sales Order as long as that Product is the only item on the order.
    • This setting is not required, however it does simplify filtering for Self-Ship Orders in the Sales Order window.


  • Length (in.): Enter the length of the box.
  • Width (in.): Enter the width of the box.
  • Height (in.): Enter the height of the box.
  • Volume (in.3): Non-enterable. Calculated as the Length x Width x Height.
  • Weight (lb.): Enter the weight of the box in pounds. If the box is not a round number of pounds, enter the decimal in pounds also.
    • **Do not enter any portion of the weight in ounces.**
    • Examples:
      • If the package weights 1 pound, enter 1 in this field.
      • If the package weighs 16 ounces, enter 1 in this field.
      • If the package weighs 24 ounces, enter 1.5 in this field.
      • If the package weighs 32 ounces, enter 2 in this field.
Product Dimensions setup