EasyPost - UPS Surepost

This feature requires additional licensing. Please contact AcctVantage Sales for a quote.

If you have an account with UPS and you want to ship from AcctVantage (via EasyPost) using the UPS Surepost shipping service, this will require a few additional steps to set up.

  1. Contact UPS to activate the UPS Surepost service.
  2. Send an email to EasyPost Support requesting their team to enable support for UPS Surepost.
    • EasyPost will need to enable this option on the back end of their system in order for you to add the new carrier.
  3. Add UPS Surepost as a new Carrier Account via your EasyPost dashboard.
    • You will now see UPS and UPS Surepost listed as two separate carrier accounts.
  4. Process shipments in AcctVantage using UPS Surepost.
    • All available shipping options from all available carriers will automatically be displayed in AcctVantage.