BigCommerce - Products & Inventory

This feature requires additional licensing. Please contact AcctVantage Sales for a quote.

Product records and inventory availability are easily pushed to your BigCommerce store.

After you have created your BigCommerce store (including creating an API account and testing the connection with AcctVantage) you are now ready to begin uploading Products and Available Inventory to the store.

If you have not completed the Integration Setup, please CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS.

Product Master records

Any Product record in AcctVantage can be synced with BigCommerce to create (or update) a Product page on your web store.

  • The best practice is to create the Product in AcctVantage first, upload it to BigCommerce and then, if necessary, make further edits in BC.
    • It is not recommended to create the Product in BigCommerce prior to uploading it from AcctVantage.
  • After the Product record has been uploaded from AcctVantage to BigCommerce, you can modify the record in BC to include details that are not stored in AV (e.g. images, additional attributes that are specific to your web store, etc.)
  • The fields that are uploaded to BigCommerce are included in the table below ⬇️⬇️⬇️.
    • For reference, see the Product Info and Inventory  screenshots below the table.
    • Additional AV fields can be added (or removed) from the sync to BC via custom script project. Contact AV Support for more info.
      • *Required Fields:
        • Product Name
        • Part Number
        • Webstore Category (only required for new Product uploads to BigCommerce).

Product Details that are synced to BigCommerce by default:

AcctVantage Field BigCommerce Field
1 Product Name* Name*
2 Part Number* Product Code/SKU*
3 Description Description
4 Weight Weight
5 Sell Price Default Price
6 AvaTax Tax Code Tax Provider Tax Code
7 Webstore Categories* Categories*

In AcctVantage, the Product Name is not required to be a unique value. However, BigCommerce does require both Product SKU (i.e. Part Number) and Product Name to be unique.

Product Info tab

The first six of the above fields are located on the Product Info tab. The last one is located on the Inventory tab.

Product Info tab

Inventory tab

On the Inventory tab of each Product record in AcctVantage, you will see a few relevant fields under the Webstore heading.

  • Sync to webstore: Check this box to tell AcctVantage to sync this Product with BigCommerce according to your global sync settings. This setting is required to sync either Product Details or Inventory Levels (or both.)
  • % of available in webstore: The percentage entered here tells AcctVantage how many units of available inventory to allocate to your BigCommerce store. The purpose is to allow you to set a margin for error and avoid over committing inventory for web sales.
    • There is a system setting to determine if AcctVantage updates inventory at all. This is found in System Setup in the Integration Options as noted previously.
  • Webstore Category: This field is required in order in order to upload new Products to the webstore. AcctVantage only supports one category, however, after the Product details are uploaded you can assign multiple categories on the BigCommerce store.
  • Parent SKU (Variants only): Enter the Parent Product's SKU from BigCommerce if this Product is a Variant of a Product on the webstore.
    • Product Variants can not be created (exported) from AcctVantage. You will need to create the Variant in the BC store and link it to its Parent in BC manually.
    • Product Details and Inventory Levels can be synced after the variant is listed on BigCommerce.
      • When syncing Product Details for Variants, the Description will not be synced because BigCommerce does not carry a description field for variants. There is only a description for the parent product.
    • AcctVantage itself does not support the concept of Parent and Variant products. All Products in AV are on the same level.
Inventory tab

All inventory values used in this article are presented in the base unit of measure. Currently, the integration does not support syncing alternate units of measure.

In the example above we have 126 units available in the warehouse designated for BigCommerce sales and we have indicated 50% as our desired inventory availability in the webstore.

Calculation: 126 units x 50% = 63 units

Therefore, BigCommerce will now show 63 units available (see below ⬇️).

As the Qty Available in AcctVantage changes in real-time, those changes are automatically synced with BigCommerce. You do not need to manually initiate an update to adjust inventory availability in BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Inventory tab
BigCommerce Product Details

How to manually sync Products to BigCommerce

Typically, this will only need to be done for new products that do not yet exist on your webstore. Once the Product has been synced, all changes to Product Details and Inventory levels will be automatically synced.

  1. On the Inventory tab of the Product, check the Sync to webstore box, enter the % available in webstore and enter the Webstore Category. Save the Product.
  2. Highlight one or more Products in the list view.
  3. Use the Action Menu to select Export to Web Integration.

That’s it!  Products that are not yet in your BC store catalog will be created and existing Products will be updated (if necessary).

  • If AV syncs a Product record with a Category that does not yet exist in your BC store, a new BC store category will be created.
  • All Product master records should be first created in AcctVantage and then pushed to BigCommerce. The data exchange for Product master records is ONE-WAY ONLY from AV to BC.
  • Once the Product has been exported to BigCommerce, you can then configure your BC product records with images and store specific attributes.
Export to Web Integration