Web Integrations Log

This feature requires additional licensing. Please contact AcctVantage Sales for a quote.

In the Administration module of AcctVantage, you can view the Web Integrations Logs which detail the communication between AcctVantage and any enabled web integrations.

There are two different formats where you can see this data:

  1. Administration > AV Server Status Window (Web Integrations tab)
    • This is a real-time "live" view of the WI Logs which is helpful when you need to monitor current communications with a web integration.
  2. Administration > Web Integrations Log
    • This is a list-view screen that presents a historical capture of the communications with your web integrations. Here you can use all of the regular search tools to find specific logs.


In both of these areas, you will see communication logs between AcctVantage and enabled web integrations, including (but not limited to):

  • Started Order Import Task
  • Found new orders to import
  • Order status changed
  • Shipment created
  • Successfully updated product
  • Successfully updated customer

You may also see error messages including (but not limited to):

  • Error: Status update for webstore order failed
  • Error: Shipment not created for Web Order ID
  • Error updating customer
  • Error updating product

1. AV Server Status window

Go to Administration > AV Server Status to open the window.

Select Web Integrations from the drop-down menu. Here you will see a "live" view of the logs as they occur. You can double-click into these records to see the detail of each log.

AV Server Status - Web Integrations

2. Web Integrations Log list view

Go to Administration > Web Integrations Log to open the list-view.

Click Show All to see all WI Logs or use the existing search tools such as Quick Search or Power Search to find specific logs. You can double-click into these records to see the detail of each log.

Web Integrations Log list view

Web Integrations Log detail view

Double-click into one of the WI Log records and you'll see the detail for the log. Different types of logs contain different info. Below you will find definitions for each field in the logs.

These fields should always be populated:

  • Web Integration Name (ID): The name and ID of the web integration as entered in System Setup.
  • Log Type: The type of record that is being imported or updated.
  • Log Sub-Type: The specific action that is being taken on the record.
  • Log Date (UTC): This is a date & time stamp for the log. UTC does not change for seasonal adjustments (e.g. daylight savings time).
    • The conversion to Eastern Time in the US is:
      • Subtract 5 hours during EST (standard time, during winter)
      • Subtract 4 hours during EDT (daylight savings time, during summer)
    • Subtract an additional hour for each additional time zone to the west.
  • Result: The result of the action being processed -- either "Success" or "Error".


These fields below will only be populated when relevant to the type of log you're viewing. For example, you won't always see the Record ID because this ID only exists after a record has been created. If the log is an "Result = Error" log, then no record was created in AcctVantage so there won't be a Record ID.

  • Table Name: The name of the table where the record is being imported or updated.
  • Record ID: The record ID in AcctVantage. Combine this with the table name to find the record in question.
    • Per the screenshot below, [Sales_Document]ID = 77 was successfully imported.
  • WI Resource Name: This is the web integration's table name.
  • WI Record ID: This is the web integration's record ID.
  • Log Text: This will contain details of the log. This data can be in various formats depending on the type of log (e.g. XML, JSON, plain text, etc.)

Quick Search and/or Power Search can be leveraged to find logs based on info contained in the above fields.

Web Integrations Log detail view