Web Integrations Log

This feature requires additional licensing. Please contact AcctVantage Sales for a quote.

In the Administration module of AcctVantage, there is a new Web Integrations Log that details the communication between AcctVantage and all web integrations.

The AV Server Status window itself is not new. Once upon a time, it was visible only on the AcctVantage Server. In AV 2020 it was moved to the AV Client side in order to provide easier visibility for users.

Go to Administration > AV Server Status to open the window. Select Web Integrations from the drop-down menu to view the Web Integrations Log.

Here you will see communication between AcctVantage and all enabled webstores, such as:

  • Started Order Import Task
    • Note: If you don't see this task in the list (most likely at the beginning) then you'll need to restart the AV Server.
  • Found new orders to import
  • Order status changed
  • Shipment created
  • Successfully updated product
  • Successfully updated customer

You may also see the following types of error messages. The list below is generic -- any actual error message should also contain text that describes the issue.

  • Error: Status update for webstore order failed
  • Error: Shipment not created for Web Order ID
  • Error updating customer
  • Error updating product
AV Server Status - Web Integrations