EasyPost - Label Templates

This feature requires additional licensing. Please contact AcctVantage Sales for a quote.

This article contains several label templates that may be downloaded and installed in AcctVantage.  Once installed, these templates will appear in the pull down list on the Shipments screen.

To install a template:

  1. Download the installer (attached below).
  2. Navigate to Administration > Custom Forms.
  3. Use the Action Menu to select Import Custom Form.
  4. At the prompt, select the installer file that you downloaded.

These templates are Custom Forms.  As such, you can edit, change, duplicate, etc. as desired.  However, actual label is a hardcoded image that is generated by EasyPost and sent to AcctVantage (in other words, the label itself can not be modified).

These templates have been tested with a Zebra Technologies label printer and HP laserjet desktop printer. Printing is a function of your operating system and specific printer; some modification of the forms may be necessary and may incur a service charge.

4x8 Label w/ stub

4x6 Label w/Packing Slip

This form currently does not work. It will be reattached when the form is fixed. Thanks for your patience!