AvaTax - Communication Log

This feature requires additional licensing. Please contact AcctVantage Sales for a quote.

AcctVantage can maintain a Log of all communication with AvaTax for 14 days.  To enable logging, check the Enable AvaTax Communication Logging setting in the AvaTax setup screen.

These logs are generally not something you're going to be reviewing on a regular basis (although you can if you want to!) However, they can be very helpful in diagnosing any unexpected issues that occur.

Web Integrations Log list view

The AvaTax Communication Logs are accessed by going to Administration > Web Integrations Logs.

Use the Filter By menu to select AvaTax and then click Find.

Web Integrations Log list view

Example of an AvaTax log

Each log entry contains the full API request and response content for each communication with the AvaTax service.

The log is in JSON format. If you have an issue with sales tax calculated via AvaTax, sometimes AV Support will ask for a copy of the log so we can help you interpret it (although, if you know how to interpret a JSON response on your own, go for it!)

Click the pencil icon and you will be able to copy/paste the AvaTax response into a support ticket.

AvaTax response detail