Sales Summary

The Sales Summary window provides an overview of sales history on a per Client per Product basis.

The Sales Summary window

The Sales Summary window is a terrific tool for researching your Clients' purchasing history. Having this information at your fingertips is invaluable for up-sell and cross-selling opportunities. This screen will have a record for every Client/Product combination in your sales history. Whenever you sell a new Product to a Client, a new record will be added to the list. Then, as you sell additional quantities, AcctVantage will update the record to keep the totals up to date. AcctVantage will keep track of:

  1. Total Qty: How many units have been shipped to this Client over your entire history.
  2. Total Sales: This is a dollar figure showing the total sales of the Product to the Client.
  3. First Sale Date: When did you first Invoice the customer for the item. This column will stay at 00/00/00 until you post the first Invoice for the Client/Product.
  4. Last Sale Date: When did you last ship this item to the Client?
  5. High Price: What is the most you've Invoiced for this Product?
  6. Low Price: ...and the least you've Invoiced for.
  7. Last Price: What is the most recent price for this Produce to this Client?
  • Note: The Client may have a new or different Price Breaks for the Product. This value shows what you actually Invoiced for on the last sale.
  • Open Order Qty: How many units are on Sales Orders that have not yet been Invoiced?
  • You can add/remove columns from this screen with the View Editor. Refer to this article: Changing the columns for a List Screen: View Editor

    Updating the Sales Summary Screen

    The Sales Summary screen is not updated in real-time.

    There is a potential to cause a dramatic system slow down by calculating large volumes of data for these summary records while users are on the system. AcctVantage will update the table each evening as part of the Once Daily Update routine. This normally is set to run overnight.


    • This feature can be turned off completely via System Configuration.
    • Sales Summary data can be calculated on-the-fly (i.e. not part of the Once Daily Update) via the Utilities window.