System Configuration - Summary

System Configuration is used to establish a variety of system variables and default settings.


The System tab is used to various system-wide settings and to establish labels for customizable fields.

In general, any item indicated as a "Label" allows the user to indicate the field name that will be displayed on screen. Items not indicated as a label will generally have a choice list of possible values or a true/ false setting.

  • Group column indicates which screen the field or function applies to.
  • Name indicates the field or function which is to be affected.
  • Value is an enterable field where you can establish the name of a field, activate a function or make any other indicated user defined setting.
  • Desc is the description for the field or function.


The Marketing tab allows the user to label each of the 10 Marketing fields for use in Client-based reporting.

Product tab

The Product tab is used to define field labels on the Product record.

  • Activate Auto Part Number: Enables a feature that will generate Part Numbers for Product records based on entries made in these 9 custom fields. Using this feature will disable the ability to modify Part Numbers manually.
  • Custom Field Labels: Set the name of 10 user-defined fields on the Product record.
  • Alias Field Labels: Used to define the fields of an Alias Product record. Aliases are alternate Part Numbers that can be used in searching and reporting on Product activity.

Opportunity tab

The Opportunity tab is used to define the field labels for 8 customizable fields on Opportunity records. If a field label is not present, then the field will not appear on the record.

Line Items tab

The Line Items tab can be used to manage the columns that appear for line item entry for Sales Orders and Purchase Orders. Click the Edit Detail Column Configuration button for either Sales Document Detail or Purchase Order Detail to view the list of available fields/columns.

For each available column, you can modify the:

  • Header: This is the label that appears at the top of each column. For example, you may wish to display Part # instead of the default Part Number column header.
  • Visible: Click into the Visible column to activate a read only field on the Order entry screen. Remove the bullet point to deactivate a field. AcctVantage will ALWAYS capture the data for each column/field for reporting pruposes whether the column is marked visible or not. A gray colored bullet indicates a required column that cannot be deactivated.
  • Enterable: Click into the Enterable column to make a field read/write during the Order entry process. For example, you may choose to make Unit Price read only by removing the bullet mark.

Custom Lists tab

The Custom Lists tab can be used to define Custom Choice lists (similar to the lists for Product Category, Price Break Type, etc.) Please contact AV Support for more information.