View Editor

The View Editor is used to determine how columns, search criteria and sort order are displayed in any window in the system. We call these windows "list views", thus the way to edit them is via the View Editor.

If you know a particular screen that you would like to modify but cannot seem to find the corresponding view in the View Editor, you will need to find the table that is the basis of the list view. For instance, if you want to modify the Sales Master screen, it is helpful to know that the [Client] table is the table that corresponds to this screen. You would then look for "Client" in the list of tables in the View Editor.

Contact AcctVantage Support if you don't know the name of the table you want to edit.

The View Editor

To open the View Editor, navigate to Administration ➤ View Editor.

Next, you will need select the screen you wish to edit. Modifiable screens are indicated by an arrow icon next to the screen name. Click on the arrow and then select Default.  In the screenshot below, I've selected the view for the Client window (aka Sales Master).

Note: Do NOT modify or create a view definition for a screen that does not already have one associated with it. Some tables do not have a user interface. Only those with an arrow icon are editable.

Referencing the below screenshot, the Current View Definition area [at the bottom of the window] indicates the columns that are currently being displayed in the List View. You may highlight an entry in this area to modify:

  • Column Title: The column header as it appears on the List View. Highlight the title to edit and use the empty at the bottom of the list to edit the title.
  • Format: Certain field types (i.e. date or dollar fields) will allow alternate formatting. The options available here can be found at this link: 4D Display Formats
  • Just: Defines the justification (i.e. alignment) for data within the column. Double-click to change the value.
    • Def = default (this will use the standard justification defined internally for the field)
    • L = left
    • C = center
    • R = right
  • Width: In pixels, the default column width. Note that you can also change column width in the list view itself by dragging the column divider to a new width.
  • Footer: Numeric fields can be totaled in the column footer. Double-click to change the value to Sum.
    • Sum is the ONLY mathematical function available here.
    • This does not work for "calculated columns."
View Editor

Add a Column

A new column may be added to the View Definition by selecting a field name from the Available Fields list. Simply drag the field name to the Current View Definition area and place it in the desired sequence.

  • Available Fields: The drop-down menu at the top of the Available Fields section allows you to access to tables & fields other than the "master" table. This only works when there is a relation built between the tables. In the example below the Client table is the master table. There are two related tables: Contact and Tax [Area].
  • Reordering Columns: Columns may be rearranged by dragging and dropping into the desired order. The columns in the list view are displayed left to right as they appear top to bottom here in the View Editor.
  • Insert Calc Column: This option should only be implemented under the guidance of AcctVantage Support.
View Editor - Add Column

Remove a Column

Any column(s) may be removed from the Current View Definition by highlighting the column and then selecting the Remove Column button found at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Selecting the Delete View button from the Current View area will delete the entire View Definition. If this occurs, please contact AcctVantage Support.

View Editor - Remove Column

Query & Sort Options

This area is where you'll enable the fields that are available to use in the Quick Search menu. You can also set a default Sort Order for records displayed in the list view.

To add a field to either area, just click and drag the field from the Available Fields list.

Query Options

  • Add: Use this to add a divider to the Query Options list. Highlight the field below where you want the divider to appear and click the Add button.
    • This is NOT used to add fields. It is only used to add dividers to the Query Options list.
  • Delete: Use this to either remove fields or dividers from the Query Options list.

Sort Options

  • The Sort Options area is used to determine the default sort order for records displayed in the list view.
  • The arrow icon to the right of the field represents the direction of the sort; ascending (triangle points up) or descending  (triangle points down). To change the direction of the arrow, click on it once.

Fields in either area may be reordered by dragging and dropping into the desired sequence. This is the same process as previously mentioned in the Add a Column section above.

Query & Sort Options