Ship Via, Freight Methods

Shipping Methods, as used in the Ship Via fields on Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Warehouse Transfers, are established as Product records in AcctVantage.

Create a Ship Via

To create a Ship Via, go to Sales > Products and create a new record. For detailed instructions on creating Product records (including Ship Via methods), refer to this article:  Add a new Product

When adding a Ship Via as a Product record, the key consideration is selecting the Freight Product Type as in the screen shot below.

Another consideration is the selection of Product Class. Most AcctVantage installations will have a unique Product Class specifically for Ship Via methods. For further discussion of Product Class, please review this article: What is a Product Class?

When deciding in the Part Number for your Ship Via method, consideration should be made for any 3rd Party Shipping systems that you may be integrating with.  For example, in the screen shot below, "UPS-G" is used to ensure compatibility with UPS WorldShip.

Create a Ship Via