Shipping Software Field Map

This article lists the AcctVantage field names with corresponding shipping software values and a definition for each field.

  • See the Shipping Integration article for more info on 3rd party shipping software.
  • See the Shipping exchange article for exact steps to integrate communication between AcctVantage and the external shipping software. This article also has examples of each of the files mentioned below.


There are three files typically exchanged in the normal shipment process:

  • The first exchange is a [REQUEST] file sent from the shipping software to AcctVantage.
  • The second exchange is an [ORDHD] file sent from AcctVantage back to the shipping software.
  • The third exchange is a [SHIPMENT] file sent from the shipping software back to AcctVantage.

Rows in bold below indicated fields normally sent or received by AcctVantage. Non-bolded fields indicate options which may be available in your shipping product, but would require custom scripting to utilize in AcctVantage. Please contact Tech Support for assistance in this area.


The [REQUEST] file is the first exchange, sent from the shipping software into AcctVantage.

AcctVantage [Table]Field Shipping software field name Description
[Sales_Document]ID OrdNum Order Number

2. [ORDHD]

The [ORDHD] file is the second exchange, sent from AcctVantage to the shipping software. It may optionally (via custom scripting) contain a subsection with line item details which is prefaced by [ITMxxx].


AcctVantage [Table]Field Shipping software field name Description
[Sales_Document]ID OrdNum Order Number
[Client]Client Number CustNum Customer Number
[Sales_Document]ShipTo_Name Company Ship-To Company Name
[Sales_Document]ShipTo_ATTNLine Contact Ship-To Contact
[Sales_Document]ShipTo_Addr1 Address Ship-To Address (line 1)
[Sales_Document]ShipTo_Addr2 DeptFloor Ship-To Address Department or Floor (line 2)
[Sales_Document]ShipTo_Addr3 Address3 Ship-To Address Line 3
[Sales_Document]ShipTo_City City Ship-To City
[Sales_Document]ShipTo_State State Ship-To State
[Sales_Document]ShipTo_Zip Zip Ship-To Zip
[Sales_Document]ShipTo_Country Country Ship-To Country
[ShipToAddress]Telephone Main Phone Ship-To Phone Number (if there is no linked ShipTo record, [Client]Telephone Main is used here)
[Sales_Document]Payment_Terms_Info Terms Terms Description. StarShip looks for key words: "COD", "C.O.D.", "CASH", "CHECK"
[Sales_Document]Ship_Via ShipVia  Ship Via description
[Sales_Document]Their_PO PO  Purchase Order Number
[Sales_Document]ShipTo_IsResidential Res Residential Flag (“R” indicates residential address).
[Sales_Document]Total_Weight Weight Total Weight
AV will return "R" here if a value exists in Ship Account ID field BillFrt An "R" in this field is interpreted as "Bill Recipient"
[Sales_Document]Ship_Account_ID BillAccnt Recipient Account to Bill Freight
[Sales_Document]ShipTo_EmailNotify_1 Email1 Email Address 1
[Sales_Document]ShipTo_EmailNotify_2 Email2 Email Address 2
[Sales_Document]Total_TaxFreightIncluded CODAmt Total COD Amount

Most shipping software can accept the order information fields listed below, however this requires custom scripting from AV.

AcctVantage [Table]FieldShipping software field nameDescription

Comment (can print on label)

Total Declared Value
"Y" in 1st char means "Add freight to COD Amt." Overrides setting in Setup/Preferences/COD Settings for this shipment only.
StarShip will calculate tax on freight and add to COD amount along with freight. Value should be a multiplier, i.e. use .0700 for 7% tax.
"FREIGHTONLY" means TaxRate applies to basic freight charges only. "ALLCHARGES" means TaxRate applies to all charges (freight, handling fee, accessorials).
Shipping Department
Drop Ship Code. References list of drop ship names in StarShip. If no DropCode is received, and all DropAddr1..DropCountry fields are blank, will use default sender address.
DropName1 and DropName2 can be used to replace JUST the name of the sender: If a valid sender is referenced by DropCode or default sender is used, and DropName1 or DropName2 is not blank, they will replace Sender Name 1 and 2. DropName1 and DropName2 can be part of a complete sender address input thru the interface: If no Drop Code is received, and any of the DropAddr1..DropCountry fields are not blank, DropName1 and DropName2 will be used as the Sender Name1 and Name2.
See DropName1
If DropCode is not received and any of the DropAddr1...DropCountry fields are not blank, the entire Drop Ship address (DropName1...DropCountry) will replace the default Sender Address.
See DropAddr1
See DropAddr1
See DropAddr1
See DropAddr1
See DropAddr1
Sender phone number
User Defined Field 1
User Defined Field 2
User Defined Field 3
User Defined Field 4
User Defined Field 5
Haz"Y" in 1st char indicates Hazardous Materials


StarShip can accept the item information as listed below, however this requires custom scripting from AV. This [ITMxxx] detail would appear in the ORDHD file after the ORDHD fields.

[InvoiceDetail]Part NumberItemNum Item Number
[InvoiceDetail]Qty Ordered
Order Quantity
[InvoiceDetail]Qty Ship
Quantity to Ship
[InvoiceDetail]Unit Weight
Unit Weight
[InvoiceDetail]Total Weight
Total weight for line item
[InvoiceDetail]Product NameDescriptionItem Description


The [SHIPMENT] file is the third exchange, sent from the shipping software into AcctVantage. It includes the subsection [PKGxxx] which transmits data about individual packages making up the order shipment.


AcctVantage [Table]FieldShipping software field nameDescription
[Sales_Document]IDOrdNum Order Number
Used for calculation, not imported to a specific field TotFreight Total Freight (excluding accessorial charges and handling fee).
used for calculation TotCharges Total Charges (Total Freight plus total accessorial charges + total handling fee)
not used by AV TotCODAmt Total COD Amount
used for calculation TotHFee Total Handling Fee
not used by AV TotDValue Total Declared Value
used for calculation TotWeight Total Weight
used for calculation TotPkgs Total Number of Packages
not used by AV TaxAmt Total tax added to COD Amount
not used by AV TotBillSender Total freight billed to sender
required field for importing to AVStatus"Save", "Quote", "Update" or "Delete"


AcctVantage [Table]FieldShipping software field nameDescription
[Shipments]ShipVia ShipVia Carrier + Service
[Shipments]TrackingNumber TrackNum Tracking Number
not used by AV NumPkgs Number of Pkgs (will be >1 for UPS Hundredweight, RPS Multiweight, Multi-Piece International)
[Shipments]FreightCharge PkgFreight Freight charges (excludes accessorial charges, handling fee, etc.) for this package.
[Shipments]TotalCharge PkgCharges Total charges (freight + accessorials + handling fee) for this package.
[Shipments]BilledToSenderAmount PkgBillSender Amount billed to sender for this package.
[Shipments]BilledTo BillFreight (Recipient, Consignee, ThirdParty, Sender, or Credit Card)
[Shipments]BilledAccountBillAccntAccount to Bill Freight (for Consignee, Recipient, 3rd Party, or Credit Card).
not used by AVCOD “COD CASH”, “COD CHECK”, “NONE”
not used by AV CODAmt COD Amount
[Shipments]DeclaredValue Value Declared Value
not used by AV Hfee Handling Fee
[Shipments]ContentsDescriptionContents Package Contents description
[Shipments]ShipperZone Zone Zone
[Shipments]WeightWeightActual Weight