AcctVantage ERP Client Install Instructions (Mac OS)

These instructions describe the process to install the AcctVantage ERP Client Application.

If you want instructions on the AV Server Install process please see this article.

Download the Installer

You will first need to download the AV Client installer (if you haven't done so already). Click on the Mac folder and download the AV2021 Mac Client.dmg file.

Install Instructions

Double-click the DMG file to open it and then double-click the package to run the installer.

If you are upgrading your AV Client from a previous version, you may see a message asking if you want to overwrite the files. You are safe to proceed here.

If you want to preserve the old AV Client, you will need to rename the folder prior to running the new installer.

package installer

Click through each of the windows below. You will need to enter your OS password (NOT your AV password) to install.

Leave the install location as the default location.

Installation Complete!

Now you can launch the AV Client and connect to the AV Server.


  • Since this is the first time this client is connecting to the server, you will see some "synchronizing" and "decompressing" progress bars. This is totally normal and should only occur the first time you launch the client.
  • There is no longer an App Nap setting to disable.
  • File permissions no longer need to be changed.