What is 4D and 4D Maintenance?

4D, Inc. database and maintenance plan details. AcctVantage ERP is a software application that runs on top of a database server program called 4th Dimension (much in the same way PostgreSQL or MySQL are database engines). 4D is developed and sold by 4D, Inc.

A license for 4D is required to run AcctVantage ERP. You can purchase 4D direct from 4D, Inc. or through us. If buying direct from 4D, please check with us first to ensure that you are licensing the correct version of the 4D Server application.

When 4D, Inc. updates their database engine, we will evaluate its benefit for our users and adopt the new version as features, stability and product life-cycle warrant. Upgrading the required version of 4D is not covered by your Customer Care Program membership, so we will only move "up" when there is a clear benefit for you, the end user. You can purchase your upgraded 4D database direct from 4D, Inc. or from us.

One attractive option is 4D's annual Maintenance program that covers version upgrades. This is a good idea to have as it will lower your overall expense in keeping up with new technology. This maintenance plan is separate from your AcctVantage Customer Care Program membership which provides for technical support and version upgrades for the AV application.

You may receive an annual Maintenance renewal notice/invoice from 4D, Inc. If you do, that is because when you initially purchased your 4D license (AcctVantage v12 and later) Maintenance was included in your purchase. Renewing is optional, but we do recommend it as it is the least expensive way to ensure you have the correct version of 4D as AcctVantage is upgraded.

To upgrade you will need your "Product Number". This can be found on your AcctVantage server by selecting the Help menu and clicking on "Update License". You will also need the User name/password credentials that you used when first installing 4D to access your account. Remember to verify with us which version of 4D is required before upgrading. To purchase an upgrade for your 4D license, or to get your free upgrade under their Maintenance plan, please visit https://store.4d.com/us/ 4D, Inc. Customer Service, for lost user names, logins, questions about Maintenance, etc. can be reached at 408-557