Once Daily Update

The Once Daily Update is a process that runs on your server, well, once per day.  This process serves to handle several tasks to keep your data fresh and system healthy.

Establishing the processing time

The Once Daily Update will trigger at the same time each day.  To se the time, go to Administration > System Setup, Tools & Custom tab.  On that tab, you will see an Update Time field.  Key the desired process start time in that field. Changing this time requires a server restart to take effect.

You'll want to consider other time based events such as system backups when deciding when to trigger the process. Generally speaking, you will want this process to initiate after your daily backup.

Daily Update Tasks

The following tasks are processed with each daily update.

  1. Data File Reindexing  (new AV 2018).  Data indexes are used to maximize the efficiency of searches, lookups and general speed of the system. During the Once Daily Update, all system indexes are rebuilt.
  2. Reset of Inventory Quantity Reserves (new AV 2018).  All quantity reserves for the inventory system will be verified and recalculated with each Once Daily Update.
  3. Custom Script execution.  If you have a custom script, it will execute as part of the ODU.
  4. Credit Hold.  All clients will be evaluated and Credit Hold enabled/disabled as indicated.
  5. Inventory Statistics (optional). Certain statistics will be updated for inventory items, including average monthly usage, turns, min/max adjustments.
  6. Client YTD Sales recalcuation
  7. Sales Summary update
  8. Client Days Past Due calculation
  9. Automatic conversion of Quotes to Orders based on Quote Release Date

System Log

Each tme the Once Daily Update executes, a log will be created in the Administration > System Logs table.