What Are Scripts?

A Script is a text file that contains code for a specific action. By using scripts, Beckware can deliver custom tailored functions, occasional data updates and other “quick” development projects. Scripts are a way of adding new functionality that won't usually require a new version of the software. The script code becomes part of your database rather than being incorporated into the actual AcctVantage application.

New functionality added to your system (via scripts or any other methods) are typically considered custom projects (i.e. paid).

Some scripts can be used as Action Menu items that you will use often. Other scripts will be used to address a particular data update issue or very specific function.

Scripts are almost always customizations that are designed to according to our customers' specifications. As such, most scripts are irrelevant everyone except who requested the script. For this reason, you will not find very much technical documentation related to scripts on this site.

GROUP: The Group represents generally from which transaction/document/table the script is called.

NAME: Name is the specific location of the script call within our source code.

CATEGORY: There are 6 categories:

  1. HOOK: A HOOK category script is one that will get called automatically as AcctVantage processes data. Hooks are generally seen by users as just a part of the system as they don't require a User to specifically 'call' or execute the script.
  2. FILTER: A FILTER type script will add a custom entry to the Filter By pull down on the List screen for the related GROUP (table/screen).
  3. UTILITY: A UTILITY type script generally is a 1-time use, or Admin restricted process used by Support to address a specific issue. For example, you might have a Utility script that was used to import a list of Client Groups to select from.
  4. REPORT: We can use scripts to add new Reports to AcctVantage. The script's NAME will show up in the list of reports associated with the GROUP.
  5. ACTION MENU ITEM: These scripts will add new functionality to the Action Menu (gear icon on the List screen) to the related GROUP. These custom actions can have any number of functions from reporting, updating field values, etc.
  6. MENU ITEM: A Menu Item script adds an entry to the Navigation options (Module pull down list). Menu Item scripts have lots of flexibility and can add entirely new Modules to the system or do simple tasks like reporting.