Add a Shipment to a Sales Order (manually)

If you are using the integrated EasyPost shipping system, please refer to EasyPost Process a Shipment

Shipment records may be created in AcctVantage either manually or through 3rd party shipping applications. AcctVantage must be configured to integrate with the 3rd party software in order to add shipments automatically. Please contact AV Support for more information on this process.

*The focus of this article will be on the manual addition of a shipment.

1. Change the Sales Order's status to Picked (or later).


2. Add a new Shipment manually.


3. Enter the Shipping Information


Enter the Shipping Information

Tracking shipments

Shipments by FedEx or UPS can be tracked directly from AcctVantage. The tracking number in the shipping record appears as a hyperlink. Clicking this link will open the shipper's web page for tracking shipments [with your default web browser].