Convert a Quote to an Order/Invoice Details

There are three methods available for converting Quotes to Orders:

  1. Convert the Quote record directly into an Order. The Quote record is not saved intact using this method.
  2. Generate multiple Orders from a single Quote.
  • The Quote record is saved and the duplicated as an Order using this method.
  • This method is useful if you have Clients who frequently order the same (or a similar) set of Products.
  • Activating the Marked column for line item entry will also activate the ability to generate multiple Orders from a single Quote.

3.  Use a Release Date to automatically convert the Quote to an Order.

1. Convert a Quote record to a single Order record

To convert a Quote to an Order, the user simply changes the Document Type to Order. AcctVantage will immediately assign an Order Number to the record.

  • Any changes made to line items (Qty, Pricing, add/delete, etc.) are made directly on the record and are part of the Order. The Order is then processed following normal procedures.
  • The benefit of this option is reducing the number of records in the Client history. A single Sales Document record is being used to process the Quote, the Order and the Invoice.
  • The drawback is that the Quote is not retained intact for future use. If a change is made after the Order Number is generated, you would not be able to report on the original Quote details.

1.1 Create a Quote


1.2 Change the Document Type to convert the Quote to an Order


1.3 Review the Order


2. Generate multiple Orders from a single Quote

First, you'll need to enable the Marked column to appear on your Sales Document view to be able to use this feature.

2.1 Enable the Marked column

  1. Navigate to Administration ➤ System Configuration.
  2. Open the Edit Detail Column Configuration for Sales Document Detail.
  3. Make the Marked Column both Visible and Enterable.
  4. Click OK twice to save the setting.
2.1 Enable the Marked column

2.2 Create a Quote


2.3 Convert the Quote to an Order




2.4 Review the Order


  • You can modify the original Quote (either add or remove lines) and it will always remain intact as long as the Marked column is enabled.
  • You can mark the Quote as a Template, which will make it easy to find in the future (see next screenshot)

2.5a Mark the Quote as a Template (optional)


2.5b Use the Filter By Menu to find Templates

Note: This step is purely optional. It is a shortcut to quickly find records that you may want to reproduce in the future.

3. Use a Release Date to Automatically Convert the Quote to an Order

This feature is especially useful for seasonal sales and pre-orders. If a Client has committed to a purchase, but does not need delivery for some time, this process will ensure that the Order is processed in a timely manner without encumbering inventory prematurely.  If we were to create a Sales Order when a client does not need delivery for some time, AcctVantage would reserve the inventory right away - making it unavailable for sale to clients that need delivery now.

Create your Quote as above and include a Release Date along with a checkbox option to automatically release the order.  If the box is checked, then AcctVantage will automatically convert the Quote to an Open Order on the indicated date (see Once Daily Update).  At that time, the inventory will be reserved for the new Order.

If the Auto-Release Order checkbox is unchecked, then the Release Date simply becomes a reporting/searching/analytical tool.