Print Shipping Labels

1. Sales Order window

To print shipping labels, you'll need to start at the Sales Order window.

  1. Find the Sales Orders that will be shipped (in the example below, I've selected Ready To Ship from the Filter by menu).
  2. Highlight the Sales Orders.
  3. Click the Label Editor icon.

2. Choose the label options.

Label Format

  • 3x4 One Up, Image: Prints 1 label per sheet.
  • 3x4 One Up, Laser: Prints 6 labels per sheet.

Additional Options

  • Use Ship To Address: Will use the Ship To Address on the Sales Order. If this is left unchecked, then it will use the default address for the Client.

After you've selected the your options, click OK to proceed.

3. Begin on Row #

Select which Row # to begin printing on. This is handy if you have a partial sheet of labels to use.

Click OK to Print.

Begin on Row #