Ship To / Bill To Addresses

When working with large companies, it is often necessary to keep several shipping or mailing addresses on file for each company. The Ship/Bill To area allows you to keep as many additional addresses as needed for your Clients and Vendors. You can choose from these additional addresses when creating a Sales Order or Purchase Order.

1. Open the Ship/Bill To window

Navigate to Sales > Ship/Bill To.

Note: The Ship/Bill To window can also be accessed from the Purchasing Module.

2. The Ship/Bill To window

  • Def: If the address is set as the Default, AcctVantage will automatically enter this address on all Invoices and Correspondence for this Client or Vendor.
  • Company Name: The name of the Client or Vendor.
  • Relation: This column pulls its status from the Relation field of the Client/Vendor record.
  • Bill/Ship Name (optional): Company name to ship to. Use this if the name of the company at the address is different from the Client/Vendor Name.
  • City, State, Zip: The location of the shipping destination.
  • Telephone: The phone number used for shipping confirmation.
The Ship/Bill To window

3. Ship/Bill To detail

Name and Address

  • Linked to Company Name: The Client or Vendor name. This field is linked to the list of company names on the system.
  • Company Name (Bill To/Ship To): Company name to Ship/Bill to.
  • Address, City, State, Zip, Country: Address information about the Client or Vendor. Enter all information in the corresponding fields.

Address Type

  • Residential or Business Address: This info is used when processing shipping documents with 3rd Party Shipping Applications.
  • Client or Vendor: Select the button that the new Ship/Bill To record applies to.
  • Default Ship To: Select this box to make the address the default Shipping or Billing address for the company.

Contact Information

  • Telephone Main: The company’s telephone number most helpful for resolving shipment questions.
  • Fax: The company’s fax number.
  • Email: The email address used by default when delivering documents via email.


  • Ship Via Dflt: The shipping method you would normally use for this Client or Vendor. This field is linked to your Freight-type Products.
  • Account ID: The shipping account regularly used by the Client or Vendor.
  • Tax Area: The Tax Area for the Client or Vendor.

*NEW for 2015* ➤ Note: neither of these fields are required fields. Also, they can be overridden on the Sales Order screen if you don't want them to apply for any particular Order.

  • Warehouse Dflt: This is the default Warehouse that you want to fulfill the Order from when shipping to this alternate Ship To address.
  • Price Break Type Dflt: This is a default Price Break that would apply when shipping to this alternate Ship To address.
Ship/Bill To detail