Set up an alternate Receipt Type (i.e. Credit Card, ACH, EFT, etc.)

If you have customers who pay with a method other than a check then you'll need to setup an alternate Receipt Type. Here's how to do it!

1. Open the Receipt Type window

Navigate to Accounts Receivable ➤ Receipt Types.  (older versions of AcctVantage will use Administration ➤ Receipt Types)

Open the Receipt Type window

2. Create a new Receipt Type.

  • Enter the Name, Category and Debit GL Code. (The Debit GL Account Name will auto-populate.)
  • If the Receipt Type is not to be used anymore, check the Inactive box.
  • If you want the Receipt Type to be available in the Sales Module of the AV Mobile application, check the Available to Mobile box.

In the below example I've created a Receipt Type for Wire Transfers. When I post Receipts of this type the amount will be debited to my Cash - Checking GL account.

What's Next?

When you've set up your Receipt Types, you can begin record customer payments via the Receipts screen.