Email Client Statements

New for AV 2020.1.0: You can now email your Client Statements using a custom form!

New for AV 2020.1.0: There is now a new system-wide email form. This form was designed to more closely mirror the email form you're used to seeing in your favorite email client. We condensed multiple windows (email addresses and body text) into a single window ... and added the ability to attach more documents!

This article assumes you have already set up the email functionality of AcctVantage. See here for more info.

1. Choose which custom form to use for your emailed Client Statements

Navigate to Administration > System Configuration and select Client from the drop-down list.

Find the setting for Client Statement Custom Form, double-click that line and then select the form you wish to use for your emailed Client Statements.

Click OK to save when you're finished with this step.

2. Select Clients to send Statements

Navigate to Accounts Receivable > Clients (or Sales > Sales Master) and highlight the Client(s) you wish to send statements to via email.

2.1. Example

There are many ways to find the Clients who you want to send statements to but perhaps the easiest is to use the Filter By menu. This only requires you to check a box on the Client record.

  1. Open the Client record, go to the Account Info tab and then check the Send Statement box.
  2. When you use the Filter By > who get Statements function, all Clients with the Send Statement box checked will be displayed in the list view.

3. Email the Client Statements

After generating your list of Clients, go to the Action Menu > Email Client Statement.

Statements will automatically be sent to the email address on the Client/Sales Master record.

4. Enter the Email info

After you choose Email Client Statement from the Action Menu, you will have the opportunity to fill out the email form.

The Body Text will be visible to all Clients who receive the emailed statements! Clicking OK here will email the statements as a PDF attachment.

4.1. Single Client

If you have selected one single Client to email, you will see this dialog where you can enter the To, CC and BCC email addresses. The To email address will auto-populate with the Client's default email address.

You can see the client statement is already attached as a PDF. Also, you can click on the + symbol to attach additional files.

4.2. Multiple Clients

If you have selected multiple Clients to email, then the dialog will look like this (below) and the statements will automatically be sent to each Clients' default email address.

5. Correspondence record

After emailing statements, a Correspondence record will be created. Open the Client record and look under the Correspondence section.