Add Additional User Licenses (i.e. 4D Product ID's)

1. Open the Update License window

On the computer running the AcctVantage Server application, navigate to Help Update License.

In new versions of AV Server, "Update License ..." has been changed to "Licenses Manager".

2. Enter your 4D account credentials

  1. Click on the Instant Activation tab and enter the credentials you created with 4D when you first installed/registered AcctVantage. Your account number will likely be filled in for you.
  2. Click Next to continue.
Enter your 4D account credentials

3. Enter the 4D Product ID(s)

In the email you received (either from us or directly from 4D) you will find your 28 digit key file. Enter this number in the Product Number fields.

Click Next to continue if you have more 4D User Licenses to enter. Repeat these steps for each additional User license you need to add.

Click Done when you are finished adding 4D User Licenses.

Enter the 4D Product ID(s)