Install an AcctVantage Key File

Note: Beginning with AV 2017, key files are validated at the major revision level (2017.x) rather than for each minor release.  You will only require a new key when upgrading from AV 2017.x to AV 2017.y

Use these instructions for module upgrades, expiration date extensions and user count expansions. If the Key File is being installed as part of an AcctVantage version number upgrade, i.e AV 2009 to AV 2013, follow the included upgrade instructions and disregard this tech note!

AcctVantage Support will issue a Key File that is tied to the Company Name found on the Administration ➤ System Setup screen in AcctVantage.

  • This Key File must be placed in the same folder as your AcctVantage data file. If you are unsure about the location of your current Key File, you can search your computer for files with a *.akf extension. Remove any previous Key Files that are in the folder.
    • On a Macintosh server, the path to this folder is typically: /Applications/AcctVantage ERP/Your Company Data
    • On a Windows server, the path to this folder is typically: C:\Program Files\AcctVantage ERP\Your Company Data
  • Download the Key File on to the AV Server machine and place the new Key File (*.akf) inside the Your Company Data folder. 

1. Open the System Setup window

Navigate to Administration ➤ System Setup

Open the System Setup window

2. Install Key File

Click the Install key file button to proceed.

2.1. Open the Key File

Open the Key File

2.2. Select the Key File

This will be the path to the Key File that was noted in the introduction.

Select the Key File

3. Installer file processed successfully.

Installer file processed successfully.