Payment Gateway Setup

Supported Payment Gateways:

1. - Use this gateway for processing credit card receipts (pre-authorization, pre-auth capture and final authorizations are supported). You will need to sign up for a Merchant Account with before beginning the setup process in AcctVantage.

Note: When setting up your account, it must be setup to accept CNP (card not present) or MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) transactions. It can also be setup as a "blended" account if you also need to be able to process CP (card present) transactions, but it must include MOTO/CNP in order to work with AcctVantage.

2. PayPal - Use this gateway for capturing previously authorized PayPal receipts.  You will need to sign up for a Business Account with PayPal before beginning the setup process in AcctVantage.

At this time, PayPal support is limited to prior-authorization capture for Sales Orders originating from BigCommerce.

Payment Gateway setup

To setup a payment gateway, go to Administration > System Setup > A/R & A/P.

Click the ➕ in the Payment Gateways section to add a new payment gateway.

The Default Cash Account and Default Bank Charges Account are optional. They are used in the Credit Card Reconcile process.

System Setup window (Credit Card Gateway) setup

  1. Check the Enable box.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select AuthorizeNet as the Service Name.
  3. Enter the API URL:
  4. Enter the API Transaction Key (in the account settings, you can generate a new Transaction Key).
  5. Enter the API Client Secret (referred to as API Login ID in your account settings).
  6. Click OK to save the changes.
  7. Restart the AcctVantage Server.
  • Enable (required): Enables the gateway.
  • Require AVS (optional): Enables Address Verification on credit card approvals. Refer to your credit card merchant account information for more details on whether you should or should not require AVS.
  • Test Mode: Check if you would like to process sample/test Receipts without actually capturing a charge. Test Mode can be toggled on/off at any time. (Note that the Receipt records are "live", it's just the CC authorization that is in test mode; it's best to use this in a sandbox copy of your AcctVantage data file.)

In order to get the Transaction Key and API Login ID from

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on Account (in the header).
  3. Click on Settings (in the left-hand sidebar).
  4. Click on API Credentials and Keys. Here you will be able to generate a new Transaction Key and you will be able to see the API Login ID.

PayPal setup

Contact AcctVantage Support for help with setting up the PayPal gateway. The process is largely similar to the setup but we do need to do some additional setup.