Register the AV Server as a service (Windows only)

The AcctVantage Server application can be run "as a service" on Windows OS only. There are pros and cons to doing this.

  • The primary advantage is that AcctVantage will automatically start if the hardware is rebooted. Users should be able to log in normally if there is an overnight power outage, for example.
  • The primary disadvantage is the AV Server Administration window is no longer readily available when running the database as a service. You can see a limited view of this window via the client-side, however there are some functions that are only possible when viewing this window server-side.

CLICK HERE to see additional documentation from 4D on this same topic.

1. Launch the AcctVantage Server as Administrator

Right-click on the AcctVantage ERP icon and select Run as administrator.

AV Server - Run as administrator

2. Enable the database to run as a service

From the File menu select Register Current Database as Service.

After you do this, go to File > Quit to shut down the AV Server app and then restart the server computer.

AV Server - Register Current Database as Service

3. Start the service

Open the Windows Task Manager and click on the Services tab. You will see the service 4DS acctvantage erp but it's not running yet (Status = Stopped.)

Task Manager - Service is stopped

Right-click on the service named 4DS acctvantage erp and select Start.

Task Manager - Start the service

4. AcctVantage Server is now running "as a service"

Now that the AcctVantage Server is running as a service, you will not have access to the Server Administration window that you're used to seeing unless you stop the service and launch the application.

CLICK HERE to find out how you can see a limited view of the AV Server Administration window from the client-side.

Task Manager - Service is running