Administrator User permissions

There are two types of Admin users:

  1. User Name = Administrator - There is only one of these user accounts.
  2. User Type = Administrator - These are just regular users tagged as Administrators. There can be an unlimited number of these user accounts.

Permissions for regular users tagged with the User Type = Administrator have been revamped. Now both types of Admin users have a more similar level of permissions. This entails access to all modules of the system, including some functions that were previously reserved for the User Name = Administrator user:


If the User has access to the Administration > Scripts screen, the user can now...

  • Export and import script installers
  • Execute Utility-type scripts
  • Modify script parameters
  • Modify script schedules

Inventory Levels

If the User has access to the Warehouse Management > Inventory Levels screen, the user can now...

  • Run the Rebuild Subaccount utility

Check Register

If the User has access to the Accounts Payable > Check Register screen, the user can now...

  • Create a Register Entry

User Name = Administrator is still required to change User Passwords.

1. Administrator User

2. Regular user tagged as an Administrator