Administrator User permissions

There are two types of Admin users:

  1. User Name = Administrator - There is only one of these user accounts.
  2. User Type = Administrator - These are just regular users tagged as Administrators. There can be an unlimited number of these user accounts.

In AV 2020.1.0, permissions for regular users tagged with the User Type = Administrator were revamped. Now both types of Admin users have more similar level of permissions. This entails access to all modules of the system, including some functions that were previously reserved for the User Name = Administrator user:

If the User has access to the Administration > Scripts screen, the user can now...

  • Export and import script installers
  • Execute Utility-type scripts
  • Modify script parameters
  • Modify script schedules

Inventory Levels

If the User has access to the Warehouse Management > Inventory Levels screen, the user can now...

  • Run the Rebuild Subaccount utility

Check Register

If the User has access to the Accounts Payable > Check Register screen, the user can now...

  • Create a Register Entry

User Name = Administrator is still required to change User Passwords.

1. Administrator User

2. Regular user tagged as an Administrator