Create a Check Register-only Entry

  • This is a feature that we recommend you to use sparingly.
  • This type of entry will not affect the General Ledger.
  • Reasons for using this include:
    • Correction of an error that results in a Check or Deposit being posted incorrectly to the Check Register.
    • Reconciling the bank account for the first time after moving to AcctVantage from a different software package.

1. Create a Register Entry.

You must first log in with the user name Administrator.

From the Accounts Payable > Check Register, open the Action Menu and select Create a Register Entry.

Create a Register Entry.

2. Confirmation

Confirm the creation of a manual Check Register Entry by selecting OK.


3. Enter the Party Name.

In some cases, it may not make sense to enter an actual Vendor Name here. For example, if this is for a correction of bank balance from a prior software package.

In other cases, it may make sense to use a real Vendor Name. This decision is up to you.

Enter the Party Name.

4. Enter the Deposit (or Check) Date.

This is the date that the item will be displayed as on your bank statement.

Enter the Deposit (or Check) Date.

5. Enter the Deposit (or check) Amount.

Enter the Amount of the Entry. Note that this dialog always asks for the "Deposit Amount." You can enter a "check" amount instead.

  • If it is a Deposit the amount will be positive.
  • If it is a Check (or withdrawal) the amount will be negative.
Enter the Deposit (or check) Amount.

6. Enter the Checking Account Number.

Enter the 11 digit GL Account Code (with no dashes or spaces) that relates to the Checking Account that this Register Entry will be applied to.

This will not affect the General Ledger but a GL Account does need to be entered here so the entry will appear in the reconciliation for the correct account.

Enter the Checking Account Number.

7. Confirmation

Confirm the Account, Date, Amount and Party Name of the Register Only entry.


8. Register entry created.

The Check Register-only entry will have been created successfully when you see this message. Click OK to finish.

Note: After the Check Register-only Entry is created you will be able to Reconcile Your Bank Statement by clearing this item just as you normally would with a Check or a Deposit.

Register entry created.