AcctVantage ERP Server Install Instructions (Windows)

These instructions are only relevant to install the incremental AcctVantage releases (i.e. updating from 2013.0.4.2 to 2013.0.4.4)

*If you are upgrading from AV 2017 (or prior) please contact us at 828-692-3301 or

1. Make a backup of your data.

On the AV Server App select the Maintenance tab and click the Start Backup button. After the backup is finished, close the current version of AV Server.

Make a backup of your data.

2. Unzip and run the package installer you downloaded.

Right-click on the file and choose Extract All to unzip the file.

Quit the current version of AV and run the package installer you downloaded.

With the file unzipped, double-click the AV Server Installer. You may see the following message (Windows 10). Click Yes to proceed.

3. Install the AV Server

Make sure the Destination Folder is C:\AcctVantage ERP Server and then click the Install button.

(AV will not run correctly if you install it in the Program Files folder; it must be installed directly on the C: drive.)

Click OK to approve the following prompt.

The installation was successful when you see the following screen! Click Close on this installer window.

4. Install the new Key File.

SKIP this step if you are already running AcctVantage 2018.x.  Key files are only necessary for major version upgrades.

Beginning with AV 2017, a new key file is only required for major upgrades, i.e. AV2017.x.  A key file issued for AV 2017.1.x.x is valid for ALL versions through AV 2017.1.9.9; a new key will be required for AV 2017.2.x.x.

For AV 2015 and earlier, a new key file is required for each upgrade.

You should have received a Key File (*.AKF) from AV Support for the release you are installing -- if you haven't already done so, please email to request a Key File. After the installer has completed, navigate to the folder containing your data file: C:\AcctVantage ERP Server\Your Company Data)

Remove the old Key File from this folder and copy your new Key File into this folder.

5. Launch the AV Server app.

Alert #1: If you have the AV Server set to launch at startup or run as a service you will need to reinstate that setting for the new version of the AV Server.

Alert #2: If you have Windows Firewall enabled, you will need to allow the new version of AV Server through the firewall before any AV Clients can connect to the server.

Double-click the AcctVantage ERP Server shortcut on the desktop. When prompted, click Open and point to the Data File (*.4DD) in the Your Company Data folder. Click though the "Version numbers do not match" message if you see it.

6. Verify your backup settings are in place.

On the AV Server app, select the Maintenance tab, click the Preferences button, and look through all three backup tabs.

Verify your backup settings are in place.

7. Enjoy using AcctVantage ERP!

Submit a ticket to AV Support if you have any further questions: