Change a User Password

1. Change your own password.

A User may change his/her own password by going to Tools ➤ Change Password. The old password must first be entered before a new password can be recorded.

Be mindful of that the Administrator might have implemented Password Restrictions.

Change your own password.

1.1. Enter the current and new passwords.

Enter the current and new passwords.

2. Change another User's password (for Administrators only).

Administrators may reset a User’s password by logging on with the Administrator password and going to Administration ➤ User Access Levels window. Highlight the User’s record and select Change user password from the Action Menu. The Administrator can perform this function without knowing the original password.

The Administrator may change any User’s password except for the Designer password, which is protected by AcctVantage.

2.1. Enter the new password.

Enter the new password.