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Error has been detected during log file integration

This article describes what do to in the case that you receive a message that states:

An error has been detected during the log file integration. You must restore the data from your last backup in order to integrate all the operations contained in the log file.

If you receive this error message, it sounds like you need to restore from a backup, but this is not usually the case. It typically means that the log file was corrupted during a force quit or crash, not the data file. All this means is that you will need to create a new log file rather than using the old one.

  1. Find the file with the extension .4DL that should be in the same folder as your data file. This is the log file.
  2. Remove it from this folder.
  3. Launch Acctvantage as you normally would.
  4. The system will warn you that the correct log file could not be found, click OK.
  5. When the browser window displays, choose the NEW button, not OPEN. This is where you are choosing to create a new log file rather than locating an existing log file.
  6. Choose a name and location for the log file, or you can leave the name as the default. Choose the same location where you found the .4DL file in step 1. Click SAVE.
  7. Click OK on the pop-up that informs you that you need to perform a backup. A backup will automatically start.

Note: There is a lag when it appears that nothing is happening, do not be alarmed. It does take a few minutes for the normal server processes window to display so just be patient and wait a few minutes while the backup is completed.