Error when starting Windows AV Client

If you see this error when starting the AV Client on Windows OS, then there is a permissions issue for the "4D Connection" file in the AV Client folder. This is a file that the AV Client uses to store the IP Address of the AV Server.

See below for instructions on how to stop the error from appearing.

Error Message

Error message

Set permissions to read/write

Open the Windows Explorer app and navigate to this directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\AcctVantage ERP Client\Database

Within the Database folder, find the file EnginedServer.4Dlink and right-click to see the Properties window.

In the file Properties window, UNCHECK the Read-only box and then click Apply. Click OK to exit.

Now the AV Client should be able to "remember" the location of the AV Server.

EnginedServer File Properties