AcctVantage ERP User ManualsAcctVantage ERP User ManualsError Messages ArticlesThe actual connection to the database has been disrupted.

The actual connection to the database has been disrupted.

If you see this message, it sounds like the AcctVantage Server should be restarted, but that is not the case; the AV Server is still running. This is a network issue; the network connection has been dropped (even just momentarily) and this message appears.

Here is what 4D says about this error:

"...these errors appear when the network connection between 4D Server (i.e. AcctVantage Server) and 4D Remote (i.e. AcctVantage Client) has been dropped due to various reasons: someone unplugged the network cable, a router has closed the connection, the network equipment is saturated, hardware failure, etc. A reason this may have been caused by 4D could be that the Client - Server connection timeout in the database preferences is set to too low of a value."

1. Error Message

Click Quit on this error message to proceed.

Error Message

2. Open the Database Settings on the AcctVantage Server.

On the AcctVantage Server application: Navigate to FileDatabase Settings.

3. The Database Settings window.

  1. Select the Client-server tab on the Database Settings window.
  2. Move the slider for Client-Server Connections Timeout to a very high number. (We recommend setting this to Unlimited.)
  3. Click OK to save, then restart the AcctVantage Server and reconnect to it with the AV Client.