Promotions / Discounts

There may be times when you want to offer Discounts off of an entire Invoice as opposed to the line-item discounts that the Price Break system offers or the incentive-based discount that AR terms offer. AcctVantage allows you to setup Promotion-style Discounts that can be applied on the Sales Order level.

You can have Promotion/Discount types that are applicable...

  • any given time.
  • ...only during a specific date range.
  • ...only for the first order a Client places.
  • ...only for a single use by each Client.

Other Notes:

  • Discounts that have no date range and are not one-time use only can be set to apply by default to specific Clients that you wish to give discounts to.
  • Discounts are posted as debits to a GL income account (set in System Setup).
  • Discounts are taken off the Sales Order subtotal (i.e. before Tax and Freight).
  • Once a Promotion/Discount has been used on a Sales Order it can not be modified (with the exception of the Date Range).

1. Open the Promotions / Discounts window.

Navigate to Sales ➤ Promotion-Discounts

Open the Promotions / Discounts window.

2. Create a new Promotion / Discount.

3. Promotion / Discount details

Promotion / Discount Description

  • Name: The name used when assigning the Discount to Sales Orders and Clients.
  • Description: Use this to describe when this Discount should be used. This is informational only.


  • Type: You can select either % for a percentage Discount or $ for a dollar-off type Discount.
  • Discount Percent or Amount: If you have selected a % Type Discount, you will enter the percentage to apply. If you have selected a $ Type Discount, you will enter the dollar amount that will be deducted from the Sales Order.
  • Inactive: This controls whether or not the Discount can be entered into a Sales Order. If marked inactive, it will not be listed as a choice.
  • GL Account Name & Code: The GL Account that will be debited for the amount of the Discount when the Sales Order is posted.

Date Range

  • Start Date: Enter the date when the Discount begins. If you don’t enter a Start Date, the discount will be available until the End Date (if any is entered).
  • End Date: Enter the date when the Discount ends. If no End Date is entered, the Discount will be available indefinitely.

Special Types

  • Once Per Client: Indicates the Discount can only be used once per Client. Use this type of Discount for special promotions that you only want Clients to be allowed to take advantage of a single time.
  • First Order Only: Indicates this Discount can only be used on the first entered Sales Order for a Client. Use this type of Discount for specific “New Client Discounts."
Promotion / Discount details

4. Add a Promotion / Discount to a Sales Order.