Promotions / Discounts

There may be times when you want to calculate Discounts for the Invoice total (as opposed to the line-item discounts that the Price Break system offers or the incentive-based discount that A/R terms offer.) AcctVantage allows you to setup Promotion-style Discounts that can be applied at the Sales Order level.

You can have Promotion/Discount types that are applicable:

  • At any given time.
  • Only during a specific date range.
  • Only for a Client's first order.
  • Only for a single use by each Client.

Other Notes:

  • Discounts that have no date range and are not one-time use only can be set to apply by default to specific Clients that you wish to give ongoing discounts to.
  • Discounts are posted as debits to a GL account.
  • Discounts are taken off the Sales Order subtotal (i.e. before Tax and Freight).
  • Once a Promotion/Discount has been used on a Sales Order it can not be modified (with the exception of the Date Range).

1. Create a new Promotion / Discount.

Navigate to Sales ➤ Promotion-Discounts and click the + symbol to create a new record.

Promotion / Discounts - list view

2. Promotion / Discount details

Promotion / Discount Description

  • Name: The name used when assigning the Discount to Sales Orders and Clients.
  • Description: Use this to describe when this Discount should be used. This is for internal use only.


  • Type: You can select either % for a percentage Discount or $ for a flat-rate Discount.
  • Discount Percent or Amount: If you have selected a % Type Discount, you will enter the percentage to apply. If you have selected a $ Type Discount, you will enter the dollar amount that will be deducted from the Sales Order.
  • Inactive: This controls whether or not the Discount can be entered into a Sales Order. If marked inactive, it will not be listed as a choice.
  • GL Account Name & Code: The GL Account that will be debited for the amount of the Discount when the Sales Order is posted.

Date Range

  • Start Date: Enter the date when the Discount begins. If you don’t enter a Start Date, the discount will be available until the End Date (if any is entered).
  • End Date: Enter the date when the Discount ends. If no End Date is entered, the Discount will be available indefinitely.

Special Types

  • Once Per Client: Indicates the Discount can only be used once by each Client. Use this type of Discount for special promotions that you only want Clients to be allowed to take advantage of a single time.
  • First Order Only: Indicates this Discount can only be used on the first entered Sales Order for a Client. Use this type of Discount for incentives intended only for new customers.
Promotion / Discount - detail view

3. Add a Promotion / Discount to a Sales Order.

Enter the name of the Discount in the Discount / Promotion field of the Sales Order. You will see the Discount take effect in the Order & Invoice Total calculations on the Sales Order.

Promotion / Discount on a Sales Order