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Enable Users to Modify the Notes on a Posted Sales Order

This feature allows you to modify a few of the fields on a posted Sales Order.

First you'll need to enable specific Users to have this ability. This setting is modified on a per User basis.

1. Enable User Access

Navigate to Administration ➤ User Access Levels and open the record of the User you want to change.

  1. Open the User record and select the System Access Tab.
  2. In the Other Settings section find the setting for Allow Posted Notes Edit and double-click the Value column to make this setting True.
  3. Click OK to save the User record.
User Access Levels

2. Edit the fields on a posted Sales Order

 Open a Posted Sales Order and click on the Bill To/Ship To tab. Each of the fields that has a pencil icon can be edited. Click the pencil to edit the field. You will be presented with a data entry field.

Editable fields

2.1.  Data entry

After you click OK on the dialog where you enter the Notes or Special Instructions, your changes are saved. You can click Cancel or close the Sales Order and your changes to these fields will still be saved.

Edit the special instructions