Merging Client Records

Do you have duplicate records in your client list? or maybe a couple of your Clients are combining into one entity?

The Client Merge function will help you consolidate Client records (including all related history) into a single record.

Merged records/history include:

  • Client/Sales Master record
  • Sales Quotes, Orders, Invoices and Credit Memos. Even posted invoices!
  • A/R and Receipt records
  • Contacts
  • Shipping & Billing Addresses
  • Correspondence records
  • Anywhere the Client is referenced, the records will be merged.

How to merge the Client records

1. Select the Clients to be merged

Highlight two Client records you wish to merge, then select Client Merge from the Action Menu.

If you have more than two records that need to be merged, you will need to do this process multiple times. Each time you will select one Client to keep and one Client to merge into the other one.

2. Select the Client to Keep

Choose the Client record that you want to keep. The other Client record will be merged into the one that you select.

3. Confirm the merge

Are you sure?

Click Cancel if you need to abort the process.

4. Deactivate or Delete?

The remaining Client record can either be deleted or deactivated.

If you choose Inactive, the merged Client record can be reactivated in the future, but the history and related records will remain with the Client that you originally chose to keep. It is not possible to restore the Client's history to the record that was deactivated.

User Permissions

Permission to use this feature must be granted at the global level (via System Configuration) as well as to each User (via User Access Levels).  Update the permissions as seen below.

System Configuration

Navigate to Administration > System Configuration and select Client from the drop-down menu. Scroll down until you see the setting Merge Client Records Access and double-click it to set it to True. Click OK to save the System Configuration settings.

User Access Levels

Navigate to Administration > User Access Levels and go to the System Access tab. In the Other Settings section, find the setting Merge Client Records Access and double-click it to set it to True. Click OK to save the User settings.