Fill a Back Order

If you issued and posted a Sales Order with a Backordered Qty, then you've come to the right place. This article will detail how to fulfill those backordered items. You can't fill the original Sales Order because that has been posted, but you're in luck. This is why we have the Backorder feature!

Note: If you want to generate multiple Invoices from the same Sales Order, then the Order must be posted. This process only works with posted Orders.

1. Open the Back Orders window

Navigate to Sales ➤ Back Orders

Open the Back Orders window

1.1. You can Completely Fill a Backorder....

  1. Highlight the Open Back Order (or previously PARTially filled Back Order)
  2. Go to the Action Menu and select Fill Backorders
You can Completely Fill a Backorder....

1.2. ...or Partially Fill a Backorder

  1. Double Click on a Backorder record to open its detail screen.
  2. Enter the quantity in the Marked to Fill field manually.
...or Partially Fill a Backorder

2. Generate a new Order for Fulfillment and Invoicing

  1. Highlight the filled Back Order.
  2. Go to the Action Menu and select Create Orders for Filled BOs.
    • This will create a Sales Order called an Ord-BO.
    • The Ord-BO will only have a Ship Qty. It will not have an Order Qty because the original Sales Order did.
Generate a new Order for Fulfillment and Invoicing

2.1. Sales Order successfully created.

You will receive this confirmation dialog and AV will create a Sales Document called an Ord-BO.

Sales Order successfully created.

3. Find the Ord-BO

  1. Highlight the Backorder.
  2. Open the Sales Order window.
  3. Cross-reference to the Backorder window.
  4. You can see the original Invoice and the new Ord-BO.
    • The Ord-BO will have a Qty in the Ship Qty column.
    • If you didn't Invoice the customer for all of the ordered items then you'll have a value in the Invoice Qty column.
Find the Ord-BO

4. Same Order Number, new Invoice Number...

When you fill a Backorder, the new Sales Document (i.e. Ord-BO) created above will have the same Order Number as the original sale. A new Invoice Number will be assigned for the items that are being shipped on this document. In this way, you can have a single original order, ship partially, and then generate multiple invoices from the same Order.