Record a Payment with the Order


1. Create a New Sales Order

You should have created your Sales Order as per your usual workflow. Once the Order is complete and you are ready to enter Payment, click on the Payments tab.

Create a New Sales Order

2. Add a new Payment

Click on the + symbol. This will open a new Receipt window.

Add a new Payment

3. Enter the Receipt

Enter the relevant info on the Receipt. This part of the process is no different than creating a new Receipt from the Receipt window. Click OK to save (this will create a post-able Receipt transaction.)

Note: The Receipt Date field is "sticky" -- which means that it will remember the last date that was entered here. If you leave the Sales Order window open (even leaving just the list view open) overnight, the system will still remember yesterday's Receipt Date.

If you want the date to be today's date, then close all Sales Order windows that you have open. Reopen the Sales Order and re-enter the Receipt. Now the Receipt will have today's date.

Enter the Receipt

4. The Receipt is linked to the Order.

After you save the Receipt you'll see it listed as a non-posted (NP) line item under the Payments section. Click OK to save the Order.

Note: By default, the Receipt record will post when the Invoice/Order record posts. See this article if you want to post the Receipt and the Order independently of each other.

The Receipt is linked to the Order.