Bill of Lading

*NEW FEATURE for AV 2015*

Bill of Lading custom form

Download the standard Bill of Lading custom form installer here.

To install:

  1. Save the attachment.
  2. Go to Administration ➤ Custom Forms.
  3. From the Action Menu select Import Custom Form and point to the file you downloaded above.

1. Sales Order

There is a new Bill of Lading tab on the Sales Order!

2. Bill of Lading Tab

Here is the Bill of Lading info. All of this data (except for the Quantities section) is modifiable even after the Sales Order is posted.

2.1. Consignee

The Consignee is the entity who is financially responsible (the buyer) for the receipt of a shipment. By default this info is pulled from the Client's Ship To Address that is on the Sales Order.


2.2. Quantities

The following fields are calculated based on data entered on the Items tab of the Sales Order and the Product Info tab of the Product record. In order to make changes to these numbers, you will need to change the parent records that this data is pulled from:

  • Ordered Qty
  • Ordered Weight
  • Ordered Volume
  • Shipped Qty
  • Shipped Weight
  • Shipped Volume

2.3. Printed Notes & Misc

The Printed Notes section, can be printed (or not). On our standard Bill of Lading form, these notes are printed.

Printed Notes & Misc

2.4. Carrier Info

The Carrier is the deliverer of the shipment. There are 2 methods to enter this information:

  1. Create a Vendor record, tag the Vendor as a Shipper and then select that Vendor in the Carrier field on the Bill of Lading. This field is a popup list that will contain any Vendors that have the Shipper tag. If you don't want to do that, click Cancel on the popup and then go to #2...
  2. You can also enter this information manually if you don't want to enter the Vendor into your system.
Carrier Info

2.5. Finance Info

The Finance Info section is not tied to any General Ledger or financial information in the system. This is here for you to enter so it can be printed on the Bill of Lading form.

Finance Info

2.6. Custom Fields

Here are a number of custom fields for you to use to your advantage.

Custom Fields

3. Posted Sales Order

Even after the Sales Order is posted, the Bill of Lading information can still be edited. After you make your changes, click the Save Bill of Lading button to save.