Void/Delete a Client or Prospect record

This article describes the criteria for Voiding vs. Deleting a Client or Prospect record. The term Client will be used to describe both Client and Prospect records in this article.

Criteria for Voiding/Deleting a Record

A Client record may be Voided or Deleted from AcctVantage provided there is no activity for the Client.

No Activity for a Client is defined as:

  • No Sales Orders, Posted or Non-Posted, exist for the Client.
    • Quotes or Voided Orders do not count as activity.
  • No Accounts Receivable or Client Deposits account balance or history.

Void vs. Delete

The Client record will be Voided or Deleted depending on the User who is making the request.


The Client record will be Deleted if the User is marked as an Administrator on the User Access Levels record. Also Deleted are all related records for:

  • Correspondence
  • Contacts
  • Marketing
  • Bill To/Ship To Addresses
  • AR SubAccount
  • Deposits SubAccount.

Deleting a record completely removes it from AcctVantage. There is no log of the event and there is no restoring of the data once it’s been deleted.


The Client record will be Voided if the User is not marked as an Administrator on the User Access Levels record. Voiding a record will set the Client Relation field to VOID. In this case, no files are actually deleted; they are simply removed from the standard searches. New records such as Quotes and Sales Orders cannot be created for a voided Client.

Restoring a Voided Client

A Deleted Client record may not be recovered.

A Voided Client record may be restored to Client or Prospect status. Use the Power Search function to find Client Relation = Void. This will produce a list of Voided Clients. Then, open the Voided record and change the Relation field to Client or Prospect status as desired.