Duplicate, Recurring and Template Sales Orders

Sales Orders, Quotes and Invoices may be duplicated/copied to process recurring orders. Records can also be marked as Templates for quick lookups.

Duplicating Sales Order Documents

  • Duplicating a Sales Order record is accomplished by highlighting the original record and then using the Action Menu to Duplicate Order(s).
    • Only Quotes, Orders and Invoices may be duplicated. Credit Memos and Voids may not be duplicated.
    • When duplicating an Order, all of the details from the original record are copied to the new record except for Lot/Serial Number selection.
    • The new record is created with an Open status (except a duplicate Quote, which has no status setting).
    • You have the option of creating a single copy of the highlighted record or multiple copies.

1. Single Copy

  • When creating a single copy of an Order, enter 1 for the Number of Copies.
  • The Starting Document Date should be set to the desired Order Date for the new record.
  • Increment By and Number of Units will maintain their default settings.
  • When making only a single copy of a record, AcctVantage will enter the Ship Qty for each line item if Inventory is available.
Single Copy

2. Multiple, Recurring Copies

  • You can create a series of duplicates by establishing a Number of Copies > 1. An example of an application of this would be a monthly recurring Order.
  • To make a series of duplicates, enter the desired Number of Copies and the Order Date for the 1st copy, then define how to increment the copies.
  • Increment By can be either Days or Months and the Number of Units indicates how many Days/Months you desire between Order dates.
  • When creating a series of duplicates, AcctVantage will not attempt to enter the Ship Qty. This will prevent Inventory from being allocated to Orders that may not ship for some time.

Assume you tell the system you want 12 copies of this Order, beginning 5/16/13, incremented by Months and 1 unit per copy. This would result in 12 new Orders with Order Dates on the 16th of each month beginning 5/16/13 and ending 4/16/14.

Multiple, Recurring Copies

3. Template Sales Orders

  • Any Sales Document may be marked as a Template to streamline duplication in the future.
  • Highlight the record(s) that you wish to indicate as a Template and then use the Action Menu to Mark/Unmark as Template.
  • Once an item has been marked as a Template, you can use the Filter or Power Search tools to quickly find your Templates for duplication.

Tip: You can combine a Quick Search value for a particular Client with a Filter By for Template to immediately find a recurring order for a Client.