Print an A/R Aging Report

1. Select the A/R Aging Report

Navigate to Accounts Receivable ➤ Accounts Receivable Reports.

Select the A/R Aging report and click Print.

Select the A/R Aging Report

2. Reporting Options


  • Print Aging as of: The cutoff date for receivables included in the report.
  • All Aging Accounts: If you have more than one A/R Aging GL Account you can either select to include all of them in the report or just one specific GL Account.
  • Account Number & Name:
    • If the All Aging Accounts box is unchecked, use these GL Account fields to select a single Accounts Receivable account to include in the report ...
    • ... Or you can enter a Client Deposits GL Account here if you want to print an A/R Aging report that ONLY includes Client Deposits Liability items.
  • Include Deposit Liability Items: Use this setting in conjunction with the All Aging Accounts setting to include Client Deposits along with the typical A/R Aging items. If left unchecked, the report will only consider balance due items posted to the AR Aging asset accounts.

Report Type

  • Detail Aging vs Summary Aging: The Detail Aging report shows each A/R Line Item for each Client. The Summary Aging report shows a total for each Client.
  • Get Selection: Click the Get Selection button to query for a list of Clients to run the AR report on.


  • Age By Invoice Date vs. Due Date: The default selected here is chosen in System Setup: A/R & A/P. Aging with be calculated either on the day after the Due Date or the Invoice Date.
  • Sort By Name vs. Number/Code: The report can be sorted either alphabetically by Client Name or sequentially by Client Number.

2.1. Example Reporting Options

If you want to tie out to a single GL Account on the Trial Balance, leave the All Aging Accounts box unchecked and enter a single GL account in the Account Number field.

Reporting Options (AV 2017 and later)

If you want a full analysis of your overall Accounts Receivable, check both boxes; All Aging Accounts and Include Deposit Liability Items.

Examples of A/R Aging Reports:

A/R Aging Detail Report.

A/R Aging Summary Report.

A/R Aging Summary Report.