Shipping & XML Import tab

This is an overview of the window.

1. StarShip Setup

  • Enable StarShip ASCII Data Exchange Mode: Enables the ability of AcctVantage to communicate with various third-party shipping applications. Check the box and click the Start button.
  • StarShip Polling Interval: This is the interval (in seconds) that AcctVantage will look for new requests from the shipping software.
  • StarShip Status: The current status of the the shipping application.
  • Set the StarShip ADE Path: This path needs to direct the system to a shared directory/folder on your network that is accessible to both the AcctVantage Server and the computer used for shipment processing.
    • Macintosh Server: Servername/SharedServer/SharedDirectory/
    • Windows Server: C:\SharedServername\shareddirectoryname\

For more details on how to integrate your shipping software with AcctVantage, please contact AV Support.

StarShip Setup

2. XML Import

XML Import