Email tab

The Email tab will define parameters for integrating your email server with AcctVantage.

New for AV 20.0.8 - When sending emails via AcctVantage on MacOS 10.15.x (or later), the MacMail script will no longer work. This is due to a fundmental change made by Apple related to how applications are allowed to interact with the OS.

We have accounted for this change by adding IMAP functionality to AcctVantage. First, you will need to disable your MacMail script for all users. Next, please read the below instructions related to the IMAP server.

Email setup

To access the email setup window, go to Administration > System Setup > Email.

  • SMTP Server (for outbound mail): The name of the server where your outbound mail is sent from.
  • IMAP Server (Optional): The name of your IMAP server -- this is only required if you want emails sent from AcctVantage to appear in the Sent Items folder in your email client.
    • If you're using Gmail, please see the note below regarding IMAP setup.
  • Server requires user authentication: Many email hosts require authentication.
  • Use email address as user name: The user name will be the one entered on your User Access Levels record for Email Address (Reply To).
  • Use SSL: Many email hosts require SSL encryption.
  • Send Test Email: You can use this feature to test whether or not you have set the previous settings correctly.

It is usually easiest to consult your email application for this information.

  • The format for the SMTP server address is usually
  • The format for the IMAP server address is usually

Note: If you are using a Gmail account to send emails from AcctVantage and you want to enable the IMAP feature, you will need to enable IMAP on your Gmail account instead of AcctVantage.

Email window

User setup

To enable each user to send emails from AcctVantage, go to Administration > User Access Levels and open the User record. Go to the System Access tab and enter the user's Email Password.

The Email Password is assigned when you set up your email account. Contact your email provider for more information on how to retrieve this password.