Restore a Backup File

If you need to roll back to a previous version of your data -- or if you need to restore a backup for support or testing purposes -- here's how to do that.

See the article for Backup Preferences if you are setting up these preferences for the first time or if you want to modify existing preferences for data backups.

1. Find the location where the backup files are being stored

From the AcctVantage Server app, go to the File menu (top of the screen) and select Database Settings. Click on the Backup tab to get to this screen below. Click the down arrow under Backup File Destination Folder to see the directory where your backup files are stored.

Quit the AV Server after you find the path where your backup files are stored.

Backup files will always end with the extension 4BK.

Make note of the Backup File Destination Folder

2. Restore the backup file

To restore the backup file, launch AV and immediately hold down the Option key (Mac) or Alt key (Windows)...  keep holding Alt/Option until you see the next screenshot.

Mark the button for Restore a backup file. Click Continue and then navigate your backup file (4BK) at the path noted in Step #1.

Restore the Backup File

3. Select the destination for the restored data file

Click the button with three dots to select the destination for the restored data file and then click the Restore button. The system will convert the backup file (4BK) into the actual data file (4DD). The backup file will also be left intact.

When the system finishes restoring the backup, the application will quit.

Select the Destination of the Restored Data File

4. Start the AV Server Application

While holding down the Alt/Option Key, open the AV Server app once again. Mark the Select another data file button. Click Continue and point to the newly restored data file (4DD) at the location you selected in Step 3.

When you point to the Data File and click Continue, the AV Server application may rebuild the index files. After this is finished, AV Clients will be able to connect.

If you saved the restored data file with the exact same filename and location as it existed previously, then you can choose Open the application with the default data file and the system will automatically open the file.

Otherwise, choose Select another data file and point to the file you saved in Step 3.